Water Management Specialists

We value each and every one of our clients – their feedback is crucial to helping us shape our business and service. We like to think we excel in what we do – but it’s even better when we hear it straight from our clients.

Below, we let them do the talking…

“Our journey started with water and water services costing in the region of £10m/year.   The early savings, pre-AQUA CLEAR, provided savings in the region of £250,000/yr – and this in turn provided the impetus to do a much more clinical review.  The eventual savings for the organisation with the support of AQUA CLEAR was in the region of £250,000 to £1.1 million/yr plus very healthy refunds for overpayments.

In essence AQUA CLEAR did not just understand our Public Sector need for due diligence and savings for the public purse, they understood our intent to manage Water and our costs to the highest level.

I have no problem in recommending AQUA CLEAR as a means of putting this utility right – and delivering lower costs for organisations that engage them.

They definitely deliver results!”

Gordon MacDonald BSc(Hons), MSc, FRSA
Energy Manager (ex)
NHS Highland



“To say AQUA CLEAR was thorough and determined would be an understatement.

To date AQUA CLEAR has managed to reduce our annual water budget by 13.3% and we have received rebates in excess of £120k.

The council did a similar audit, with some success, a few years ago with a competitor of AQUA CLEAR but they also included electricity and gas. This time the audit was more in-depth as it was focused on water only and with the savings achieved has proved to be a great success.

Energy Officer
Midlothian Council
February 2018


“AQUA CLEAR SC Ltd were engaged by Macdonald Hotels & Resorts in 2011 to look at our water and wastewater consumption & costs. Since then we have had a very successful, productive and gainful relationship. To date they have saved us a substantial and notable amount of money and we have benefitted from year on year savings.

We have found them to be professional, hardworking and diligent….working with AQUA CLEAR is made easy as they just get straight to it and it’s evident in the efficiency and accuracy of their work that they are clearly passionate about what they do and how they do it.

We now use AQUA CLEAR to arrange our water contracts for the whole of Scotland & England – to provide, cost and manage our water, energy and chemical saving projects for our Hotels, Resorts, Pools & Spa’s throughout the UK. We have no hesitation in recommending their services to others.”

MACDONALD Hotels & Resorts



Key Fact


“The eventual savings for the organisation with the support of AQUA CLEAR was in the region of £3.5 – £4m/yr plus very healthy refunds for overpayments.”