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We take pride in the fact we succeed where other water management companies have perhaps failed before us. All our clients are treated equally – we don’t cherry pick – so if there are savings to be made, we stay with the client to finish the task, unlike many others unfortunately.

Professionalism, expertise, integrity and honesty is how we do business and we aim for excellence each and every time. But it’s all very well that coming from us, so below are just a handful of success stories from happy clients to help back this up…


AQUA CLEAR were brought into NHS Highland to check our Water, Wastewater and Fixed Costs on a no win – no fee basis.  They were advised that as 2 previous reviews had been carried out by different external Water consultancy companies in recent times.  Our expectation was for AQUA CLEAR to find almost nothing; and thus provide us with an external clean bill of health for this utility.

Our journey started with water and water services costing in the region of £10m/year.   The early savings, pre-AQUA CLEAR, provided savings in the region of £250,000/yr – and this in turn provided the impetus to do a much more clinical review.  We found Scottish Water would only respond to our queries rather than proactively help us manage.  The eventual savings for the organisation with the support of AQUA CLEAR was in the region of £250,000 to £1.1 million/yr plus very healthy refunds for overpayments.  Such was our reductions NHS Highland were part of case studies on the Scottish Water website whilst they held the Scottish Public Sector contract.

AQUA CLEAR were a very large part of this journey.  Whilst some large early wins were achieved prior to their arrival they diligently went over all our efforts as well as scrutinised the bills to a level that we could never have achieved.  We found them to be efficient, professional, diligent and determined to get EVERY one of our accounts right.  In many cases this was chasing small savings that other companies in their sector had, and probably would not have put the effort in.  Delays and stalling by our supplier to address some of the issues were handled very professionally by AQUA CLEAR on our behalf and regular reports allowed us to put pressure on the Supplier to resolve.

In essence AQUA CLEAR did not just understand our Public Sector need for due diligence and savings for the public purse, they understood our intent to manage Water and our costs to the highest level.  We were left with each account “clinically clean” with recurrent savings for the long term.  My understanding of water and water services is now at a level to understand that the issues we faced are the same for all different sectors and sizes of organisation.  As such I have no problem in recommending AQUA CLEAR as a means of putting this utility right – and delivering lower costs for organisations that engage them.  They definitely deliver results!

I would be happy to have direct enquiries to confirm the above.

Gordon MacDonald BSc(Hons), MSc, FRSA
Energy Manager (ex)
NHS Highland



Midlothian Council decided to accept AQUA CLEAR SCs’ offer to do a free water audit on all our sites. Although we could have tried to do a similar audit we didn’t have the time nor resource to dedicate to the project. Especially as all we needed to do was supply them with a letter of authority to allow them access to our billing through our present and previous licensed providers.

 Initially we didn’t hear much from them but had regular updates by phone, before we met to discuss the findings of the audit. We were pleasantly surprised to find out they had checked every site (from a cemetery to a high school). AQUA CLEAR had identified 26 sites that had the potential to make savings but this figure was reduced to 18 sites as some of them were due for demolition, alteration etc.

Once the list was agreed, the sites were individually contacted to arrange a site visit at a time which was suitable to them. AQUA CLEAR did all the surveys themselves and met Scottish Water or their representatives every time they visited the site. I must mention at this stage one of the sites, a primary school, was visited at least ten times before Scottish Water agreed with the findings. To say AQUA CLEAR was thorough and determined would be an understatement.

To date AQUA CLEAR has managed to reduce our annual water budget by 13.3% and we have received rebates in excess of £120k.

The Council did a similar audit, with some success, a few years ago with a competitor of AQUA CLEAR but they also included electricity and gas. This time the audit was more in-depth as it was focused on water only and with the savings achieved has proved to be a great success.

Energy Officer
Midlothian Council
February 2018

Key Fact


“The eventual savings for the organisation with the support of AQUA CLEAR was in the region of £3.5 – £4m/yr plus very healthy refunds for overpayments…”